Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh, Baby, Your Videos are the Most Disliked on YouTube!

I spend many hours a day on YouTube. While I acknowledge that it probably isn’t healthy, I’m typically not actively engaged the whole time–I may be listening to a song while I’m writing, for instance.

Now that we’ve gotten past my bad YouTube habit, let’s move on to something related, and more interesting. I was (once again) reading my PR Daily News Feed, and a certain article stuck out to me: The 10 Most “Disliked” Videos on YouTube.


I must say, I usually go to YouTube to view videos I -like-, but I have heard that many people go online to view “bad” videos. By bad, I mean ones displaying funny failings of humanity (<– I hope that makes sense). I do have a YouTube account, and sometimes take the time to comment on videos I like, or “like” them, but usually, I just add them to my favorites, to watch again, or be able to find later.

Anyway, on to the list. I did recently hear the buzz about Rebbecca Black’s new video for “Friday,” and I heard it got quite a bit of hate, so I was surprised it didn’t top the list. Who did?
Justin Bieber. Should have seen that coming. His video for “Baby” is the number one most “disliked” YouTube video. Sorry, Justin.

Well folks, I hope you all still “like” my post, however I am now going to include the most “disliked” video below. Enjoy (if you can).

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