Sunday, April 10, 2011

March's Top 10 Viral Videos!

March seems to be quite a month for viral videos. So many disasters, so little time! The subject of March viral videos is so popular, that even Ragan's PR Daily seems to have taken some time to list the top 10. Remember folks, I'm only discussing the month of March 2011. It may be April now, but some of these videos are still viral, or just gaining momentum (as in the case of Rebbecca Black)

Being a person who loves to spend time online-- particularly on YouTube watching videos-- I decided to check out the list. Going in, I was fairly sure I'd be seeing various "winning" Charlie Sheen videos, as well as Rebbecca Black's "Friday" video. I was right! Here's the full list of the top ten:

1. “Friday” by Rebecca Black (48.1 million)- seen it.

2. Video of tsunami waves reaching Sendai airport in Japan (18.3 million)

3. “Winning” – a song by Charlie Sheen (17.4 million) -seen it.

4. Aerial view of Japanese tsunami (14.3 million)

5. Scared baby (13.4 million)

6. Earthquake in Sendai (13.4 million)

7. ‘I just had sex’ (12.1 million)

8. Japanese dog refuses to leave injured friend (10.7 million)

9. Footage of 9/11 attacks from police helicopter (10.6 million)

10. Charlie Sheen says he’s “winning.” (9.6 million)- seen it.

Upon reviewing this list, I realized that I've only seen three of these. While I was aware of the terrible Earthquakes in Japan, I hadn't seen any of these videos, at least not online. I did see snippits on TV. It does make sense, though.

I have seen the Rebbecca Black video, but I had no idea just how many parodies are already going around! For a very comprehensive list, check out the article on Know Your Meme. Some of the parodies include a Conan O'Brien "Thursday" parody, a Deadmau5 remix for all you ravers, and the Chipmunk version (among many others).

Good times.


P.S. I -had- to include one of the funniest things ever: Introducing the: Rebecca Black - Friday (Ft. Charlie Sheen Dubstep Remix)

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  1. I think it is interesting that all of these videos can be labeled as disasters, humorous or both (yes, I’m referring to Rebecca Black and Charlie Sheen). It is a great representation of what we are watching on-line, because I’m sure we have all used YouTube to either laugh or catch up on current events.