Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brian Solis Unveils the New Influencers

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Finishing up Brian Solis' book Engage, I have once again found some very interesting information to share. In chapters 19 through 23 of his book, Solis discusses who the "new influencers" of social media are and goes on to talk about Developing a Blueprint for New Marketing.

To begin chapter 19, Solis states that "we are media." He claims that, "we, the people, demanded personalization in engagement, improved services that put the customer back into the spotlight, and acknowledgment that our feedback would incite a more value-added circle of overall communications and product adaptation." A very good point. As one of "the people," I can certainly attest to this. Communicating with customers and valuing their opinion and feedback is crucial to developing products and services that they want. I like to know that a company cares about how I view their products.

Solis goes on to say that we must engage with purpose, and do so by shifting from monitoring to action. Later on,  he gives tips on "breathing life into the human network" by means of finding and utilizing influencers. This is the key to success. On his website, Solis writes urges his audiences to Please Repeat: Influence is Not Popularity. This is important to keep in mind. Before we delve in too deep, it is helpful to first Explore and Define Influence.

My opinion? I entirely agree. With such easy access to all kinds of social media nowadays, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Being a PR student, I run several blogs, and I know firsthand how difficult it is to become influential. It takes time, dedication and patience. If someone becomes influential online, they can alter the opinions of so many people!


Solis Discusses Influence:

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  1. I agree our assimilation to the media has become a huge part of american culture