Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brian Solis' Social Media University 403: Branding

I'm back, folks!

Time to once again further delve into the very informative book Engage, by Brian Solis.
Today, I'll be picking out and discussing the most compelling sections of chapters 12 through 18.

In chapter 12 of Brian Solis' Engage, he discusses something very relevant to my own life: personal branding. In my Social Media for PR course, I am currently working on an assignment called my Personal Learning Network (PLN). I have chosen to focus my network on digital portfolios and personal branding. Since I am specializing in Public Relations and Advertising, and have taken classes in both of those areas, I have decided to create an online advertising and design portfolio. In order to chronicle the process of its creation, I have actually utilized blogging: here's my blog!

This is why I was particularly excited about some of the information Solis provides in this portion of the book. While most of his advice tends to deal more with company and brand management, I can still use some of these tips when approaching my project. Some personal points of interest that I found include:

-Establishing an Online Presence: Solis mentions that, "the challenge isn't necessarily how to convince management of the need to outwardly engage online. The real obstacle is defining and reinforcing the brand personality as it either existed prior to social media and/or how it should display and present to those across the social web" (128). Solis then provides the reader with some helpful questions to ask yourself when beginning an online presence.

-Multiple Personality Disorder: This section particularly struck me, because I've definitely experienced the things he mentions. There are so many ways to present yourself online, we must choose what "reflects our corporate soul and personality" as opposed to something fabricated and simply well-meaning.

-Multiple Personality Order: To create a good online presence and keep your profile in order, it's still important to remember that "While 'being human' is consistent throughout the cycle, you are indubitably a different person to different people in different circumstances" (131).

-Discovery and Actualization: In order to put what we know into practice, we must look toward the past, but also the present and future. We must attempt, without bias, to show our personal identity and character.

All of this information was very compelling to me, as I am working on personal branding. Another good source for personal branding (as opposed to corporate online presence) is Dan Schawbel's Personal Branding Blog.

All in all, the information here has many takeaways, hopefully for everyone!


-photo courtesy of Alan Gonzales

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