Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh Baby, Rebecca Black Just Surpassed Justin Bieber for Most Disliked Video!

Long post title? Maybe, but it seems a new piece of history has just been made.

Personally, I spend many hours a day searching for videos on YouTube. While I acknowledge that it probably is not the best way to spend my valuable time, I can at least say that I’m typically not actively engaged the whole time. I usually use music videos as background music while doing other work.

Now that we’ve gotten past explaining my bad YouTube habit, let me move on to something related, however much more interesting. I was, once again, reading my PR Daily News Feed, and a certain article stuck out to me: The 10 Most “Disliked” Videos on YouTube.


I must say, I usually go to YouTube to view videos I like, however I have many friends who go online to view “bad” videos, simply for a good laugh. By bad videos, I mean ones displaying funny failings of humanity (I hope that makes sense). I do have a personal YouTube account, and sometimes take the time to comment on videos I like, or “like” them, but usually, I just add them to my favorites, to watch again at a later time.

Anyway, moving on. I'm sure many have recently heard the buzz about Rebbecca Black’s new video for “Friday,” and I heard it got quite a bit of hate. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post stating that Justin Beiber's video for "Baby" topped the list for "Most Disliked Videos on Youtube." While this may have been true at the time, I have received some feedback claiming that it is in fact "Friday" that currently holds First Place. Don't believe me? Check this out.

Well folks, I hope you all still “like” my post, however I am now going to include the new most “disliked” video below. Enjoy (if you can).

Oh, and if you want, follow Rebecca Black on Twitter: Follow Rebecca Black

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  1. I am interested to watch the video but the video is no longer available. I hope you'll be update it. Thanks.